Sustainability Report 2022 – 2023 (Executive summary)


Welcome to the official website www.portheraklion.gr of theHeraklion Port Authority S.A. (O.L.I. S.A.), member of the Union of Ports of Greece (E. Lim. E.) and the union of cruise ports of the Mediterranean and Black Sea (MedCruise).

The organization is a company of the Greek State which is supervised by the Ministry of Shipping and the Aegean. The share capital is owned by 100% in the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (T. A. I. IP. D. S.A.) O.L.I. S.A. is managed by a 11 - member board of directors, according to the provisions of its statutes.

The Board of Directors consists of the President and CEO, the vice president, with the duties of the President, a member, with the task of deputizing for the Managing Director, a representative of the HRADF, a representative of the Association of Permanent Dockers of Heraklion, a representative of the Workers ' Association O.L.I. S.A., a representative of the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce(E.B.E.I.) and 4 other members.

The purpose of the company is the exploitation, management, operation and use of the port of Heraklion, as well as any space within the boundaries of its land and sea area, in a way that will be beneficial for the public interest, for the national and local economy and Port services users. The terms with which the above activities are exercised, are governed by law 2932 of 2001 (GG. 145/A '/27-06-2001). This legal framework allowed flexibility in the administration and generally in the decision-making process, facilitated the management of its resources, made more efficient the provision of services and more competitive its developmental planning approach.

In this context, the company seeks to transform the port of Heraklion – which is already an important economic portal of the country and, perhaps, the most important of Crete – in an important hub for maritime transport and tourism throughout the eastern Mediterranean, within the framework of the trans-European transport networks, which it recently joined.

The port of Heraklion is located roughly in the center of the north side of the island and for many years it serves the movement of passengers, tourists and merchandise. It is not an exaggeration to say that the development phases of the port, are followed by similar development in many sectors of the economy, the city of Heraklion, the prefecture and the entire of Crete. It is one of the main ports of national importance, since due to its financial data, it plays an important role. Furthermore, due to its geographical position, it can attract further critical development to our country and island. For this reason, the company seeks further development to be a factor and prerequisite of the general development of the economy of our country.

This character of the port, which stresses its importance for the national and local economy, leads the organization to the careful planning of its development and its adaptation to the respective priorities of the Greek state.

Of course, the strategic development planning of the company, takes into account the specificities of the region and the overall regional and local development planning, seeking the understanding between the local representative institutions, the Society, the business world and employees.

In this context, O.L.I. S.A. actively participates in all major cruise exhibitions and strives to upgrade the cruise policy in our homeland, as part of the Union of Greek Ports (cluster Greek cruise), MedCruise, and the Greek Tourism Organisation (EOT). Through this extrovert effort of the company, it has been found that Crete and especially our city, attracts the interest of all major shipping companies in the field of commerce and tourism. All of the company’s efforts aim to transform "interest" into"cooperation" and ultimately strengthen the local economy in multiple ways (jobs, foreign exchange, promotion of local production, etc.), through construction interventions, speed in project execution and competitive price policy. Thus, in addition to the utilization of own resources, the management of O.L.I. S.A. dynamically seeks to secure resources (NSRF, WFP, Information Society,etc.) for the reinforcement of the mechanical equipment of the commercial part of the port, as well as for supportive-corrective interventions and repairs (permanent and non-permanent) and for the supply of equipment (mechanical,etc.) in all other departments.